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Designed in London

We donate a portions of profits to Street Child

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Ethically handmade in India

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Small quantities produced

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About Aarabhi

“Aarabhi” is a premium womenswear brand, founded in London by Aarabhi Sivaraman. The collections are made up of pieces which are a combination of the individual design aesthetic of British fashion and Indian craftsmanship. 

Aarabhi's Story

Aarabhi isn't quite sure when she decided fashion design was right for her but as the granddaughter of a seamstress and a father that has always been involved with the business side of fashion, it was probably inevitable. Her goal from an early stage was to create a womenswear brand with ethical manufacturing as a core value and highlight the work of dedicated artisans.
Embellishment was never something Aarabhi was interested in. It seemed time consuming and is often seen in the same generic way but after receiving old beads from her grandmother, she decided to experiment, see what was possible and eventually discovered the many ways beads and embroidery can be used to adorn simple fabrics and create statement pieces. Her inspiration is usually drawn from subject matter she is interested to learn about, whether it be social issues, historic periods or scientific understanding.

Embellished garments are what Aarabhi chose to focus on, so along with her father, and now business partner, she decided to create a womenswear line focussing on statement pieces. They realised India would be the best place to have these garments made as it's famous for detailed handwork. Ethical production was very important to them both as hours of work and a lot of skill go into weaving the fabric and embellishment which can often be under-appreciated.


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