Our Production Process in India

Ethical production has been a key issue for us. We understand the amount of hours and dedication that goes into each piece, which is why we searched extensively for the right production partners who also share our values.

Five P Venture Handloom

Working with Five P Venture 

We started working with Five P Venture, an organisation focused on reviving the handloom industry in Chennimalai, Tamil Nadu, India. This was once an area famous for its handloomed fabrics however as technology has evolved, this once thriving village has suffered. Five P Venture was started up as a way to rejuvenate the industry in Chennimalai and keep the generations of knowledge and skills alive. By doing this, they are able to make a positive impact socio-economically and environmentally, preserve skills, alleviate poverty and give back to the community. They currently house 54 looms in a certified Green building. Not only are Five P Ventures reviving the textile heritage of Chennimalai, they ensure their loomers are treated with respect, paid fairly and work in a safe environment. 

Five P Venture Handloom


Beading and Stitching in Mumbai

As we are focussed on beadwork and embroidery, Mumbai was the best place for us to have these pieces produced. Each garment is hand embellished by experienced artisans in a safe environment, who receive a fair wage and are treated fairly. Their attention to detail is incredible and an essential element for each piece. Once beading is completed, each panel is stitched together and every swing tag is signed by the artisans who created it. Our agent, Nitin, regularly visits the factories, ensuring our ethical standards are upheld. 

Aarabhi Mumbai